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We’re all really proud here at LEVEL8 to have been awarded Unit4 Premier Partner status for 2021.

Our partnership with Unit4 extends right the way back to the very beginning of our business, with LEVEL8’s founders actually being brought together through their shared experience within the CODA and Unit4 Financials world.

Over the years, since those early days of our business, we’ve worked closely with Unit4 across software implementations, upgrades, system support and consultancy projects, always leveraging each other’s expertise to achieve the best result for clients.

We think this is the essence of partnership and that’s why it’s so satisfying to see Unit4 recognise this with the award of Premier Partner status.

With a team of expert Unit4 Financials consultants, along with a specialist software arm made up of developers who previously worked directly for Unit4 and on the Financials solution, LEVEL8 has grown to boast a pool of people and expertise that really can’t be matched anywhere else in the Unit4 Financials ecosystem.


We’re already well underway in 2021, with a number of Unit4 V15 upgrade projects for both exisiting and new clients of particular note during the early stage of this year.

As we press on with what will hopefully be twelve months of business recovery for all following a difficult 2020, we’ll be proud to do so with our Premier Partner badge (and the much appreciated certificate you can see above) being shown off whenever and wherever possible!

And remember, right here on our website is the place to find out more about our work with Unit4 Financials, bespoke software development and exactly what our clients say about what we do.