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We are Level8 logo Specialist and  independent business technology experts proud to partner with leading global software providers.

The roots of LEVEL8 can be found in the days when the CODA financial management system was the choice of many businesses across the UK and Europe, in fact if you have ever been a CODA customer you probably already know many of the team as most of us are ex-CODA employees.

The LEVEL8 founders and original associates are all former CODA employees, having worked for CODA, Science Systems, Baan and/or Unit4 between 1990 and 2013. Our time at CODA ranges from 5 years experience through to 30 years and you can find out more about our people here.

This experience gave LEVEL8 an unmatched ability to implement and support CODA which, with the Unit4 acquisition in 2008, became the Unit4 Financials system we work with today. It is these foundations that have helped us to develop the LEVEL8 business, building sustainable solutions and customer relationships that last.

Today we are proud to partner with Unit4, FinancialForce and other key software partners in order to deliver a range of leading business solutions and assist our clients in maximising the business benefits of their software. We have strong relationships with all of our partners BUT remain independent and we remain focused on our clients, always committed to delivering what is best for them.

Our Approach

We never really set out to be different from other technology partners and consultancies. We just wanted to get things done in the most sensible way and support our clients to do more with their technology. 

Far too often though it seems this isn’t the primary motivation of  some of the other businesses in our industry that we come across. 

Mercenary consultants; A lack of teamwork and joined up thinking; Over-inflated projects; and ultimately failed implementations. These are the kind of stories we hear day in day out from businesses we speak to. 

So, yes, it turns out that we are a bit different in our approach. It’s the reason our clients trust us to do what’s best for them and to get the job done…


The Level8 logo Story

The team at LEVEL8 Solutions have been implementing financial software solutions since 1994. We have been successful in identifying and filling software gaps by: process change, smarter configuration or bespoke development.

Our consultants are proud to have made life easier for many customers, historically mainly on Unit4 Financials/CODA systems but increasingly across the other business management solutions we now specialise in.

We have in-depth experience of implementing complex Unit4 Financials projects around the world and we have also effectively developed automated routines and bespoke applications where the functionality did not exist in the standard application.

We are subject matter experts in our field and can lead you on your journey from business case onwards. 

We don’t stop at post go live either, we build trusted relationships with clients, so we can deliver again and again. We are the consultancy of choice for our customers. We have excellent customer retention. We empower you to take control of your business technology, thus reducing reliance on us and others.

Why we chose LEVEL8 as our name

LEVEL8 is the top level user in UNIT4 (CODA) Financials. Anyone who uses CODA as a system administrator will know of LEVEL8. For a specialist consultancy with strong CODA roots and heritage we did not have to dwell too long on the name. It has become an instant brand which has sold itself, we did no marketing nor any hard selling in our first year of trading yet everyone in UNIT4 that has any interaction with UNIT4 Financials knows the company.

Our Ethos

The Level8 ethos is built around a focus on caring about people, delivering quality service and developing long lasting relationships. 

When it comes to our team all that really matters to us is attitude, expertise, knowledge and an ability to delight our customers. In every other aspect, we are proud to stand up for diversity.

A diverse team and a diverse customer base broadens the horizons of our business. It helps us to think differently and devise better solutions by taking into account a variety of different perspectives. 

The world is changing and reasonable, progressive views are thankfully driving out the extreme and outdated ones. Liberalism is now the norm, driven by many notable global campaigns, and at Level8 we welcome every step taken towards the kind of open and accepting society that mirrors our ethos in business.   



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