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Our bespoke integrations create seamlessly connected systems designed to give you a single view of your business, one version of the truth. 

Integration or interfacing in themselves are fairly generic terms. However, in the context of our work at LEVEL8 as Unit4 Financials developers, more often than not, it means batch overnight interfacing, which is very important to many organisations.

Integration can seem deceptively simple and, when done well, simple is exactly what it is. As is often the case though, when not done well something simple can become complex and problematic very quickly. Our history, first as CODA developers, and now experts in the field of Unit4 Financials development, means your business can rest assured that LEVEL8 will keep your system integration simple, functional and successful.

What can LEVEL8 integrations cover?

Our Unit4 Financials integration and interface work can cover many areas including:

> Generating information for credit checks and validations
> Exchanges between systems, where one system owns the data but changes need to be cascaded to other systems.
> Synchronising and validation of the same data that exists in more than one place and can be changed in both, or several, locations.
> Loading of data and then processing it – for example bank statements and cash matching.

There are countless other examples; it is rare to find two situations which are exactly the same, but we do find the same general principles of integration can usually be applied.

LEVEL8 Interfaces Just Work

We believe that a good interface done well will:

> Just run in the background
> Complete in a timely manner
> Provide meaningful messages if and when issues arise
> Enable changes to be made quickly and cost effectively as your business changes

Some systems that we’ve integrated with and interfaced to:

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