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Partnership is an important part of any business. Our partners produce and develop the software solutions we use as platforms for your business growth.

Unit4 describe themselves as a technology company that is in business for people and that’s the kind of business ethos LEVEL8 can get on board with. 

Our relationship with Unit4 is a longstanding one. Unit4 has been providing business software since the early 1980s but our partnership finds its roots in Unit4’s acquisition of CODA in 2007.

As CODA experts it was only natural that we partner with Unit4 as the kind of expert consultancy resource they were looking for to support their clients with CODA becoming Unit4 Financials

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Certinia is a cloud-based solution built on the market-leading Salesforce platform and designed to streamline financial management processes.

With increased visibility and superior automation Certinia Financial Management offers a rich and uniform user experience across all accounting functions.

Founded in 2009 as FinancialForce and headquartered in San Francisco, Certinia is backed by many significant industry players. LEVEL8 are proud to partner with Certinia to bring this revolution in cloud financial management to the UK. 

Salesforce is the undisputed global market leader when it comes to cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software. It’s fair to say the last couple of decades have seen the Salesforce platform and the business as a whole become a driving force behind the SaaS business systems revolution. 

Our relationship with FinancialForce and deep understanding of that solution meant it made perfect sense for us to become a Salesforce partner. With a team of experts specialising in areas across the Salesforce and FinancialForce ecosystem and a dedicated helpdesk we’re ready to support your business to get more from Salesforce. You can read more about our partnership and the LEVEL8 team’s Salesforce qualifications here. 



Intersect are a fellow member of the thriving Unit4 partner ecosystem specialising in Unit4 ERP implementations and consultancy. They are also specialists in SQL Server hosting and management and have a track record of successfully implmenting cloud-based platforms for Unit4 software packages. 

This specialism in cloud migration and hosting is where we find particular synergy with Intersect, our own software development and support departments also having huge experience with cloud-based Unit4 implementations and the development of bepoke cloud integration tools. Working together our knowledgeable teams are able to deliver solutions to any challenge within your Unit4 cloud migration or implementation.

Avalara helps businesses of all sizes remain tax compliant through their market-leading automated tax software. Their cloud-based solutions are both intuitive and comprehensive, covering the full range of transactional taxes including VAT, sales, excise and more.

Avalara and their Compliance Cloud platform offers pre-built connectors into most leading business finance and management applications including Unit4 Financials and FinancialForce. Each year Avalara platforms process billions of indirect tax transactions, file hundreds of thousands of tax compliance documents and tax returns, and manage millions of exemption certificates and other compliance related documents.


SpendRight began in 2015 with the goal of providing personalised, value-added services to companies in the area of procurement. Since then, SpendRight have worked with a wide range of businesses on sourcing and process improvement projects including leading the implementation of business systems in Procurement, Rental, Automated AP, and various customer sales and service cloud-based applications.

In 2019, as a result of the variety of services now provided, they began doing business as Spend Right Consulting. With over 40 years of combined experience in Project Management, Procurement, and Supply Chain Management. Spend Right Consulting’s expertise and systems knowledge in the area of procurement is unsurpassed and is why they are a trusted partner of Level8.

Proactis helps organisations around the world to operate faster, leaner, smarter by rethinking the way they do commerce to thrive in the digital economy. Proactis serves over 1,000 enterprise clients and 2 million suppliers and their solutions are used daily by over 3 million people in 100+ countries.

Proactis’ comprehensive family of tailored solutions are built around core concepts and capabilities derived from real-world experience combined with leading edge technologies that make them ‘just feel natural’ simple to use – largely self-managing and highly adaptable. Most importantly, they are designed to deliver true bottom-line impact.

Unit4 Financials

Unit4 Financials is a best-of-breed financial management system that finds its roots in the popular CODA system. We've been experts in the platform ever since the CODA days and we can help you access its full potential.

Proactis Rethink

Proactis and their solutions encourage clients to ReThink CommerceThe Proactis ReThink family of solutions are designed to leverage leading edge technologies in order to tackle real-world challenges with intuitive systems.

Certinia (formerly FinancialForce)

Certinia delivers a cutting-edge financial management solution from the market-leading Salesforce Cloud platform. It's straightforward to implement, hugely intuitive and hassle-free to maintain.

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