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A Software Consultancy with our roots in the CODA Accounting Package

CODA is a name that many finance professionals will be very familiar with due to the huge number of businesses and individual users that have worked with the financial software solution over the course of three decades. Founded in Leeds in the UK in 1979 (later moving to Harrogate), the CODA business was a true pioneer within the business accounting software market.

Now owned by Unit4, strategic partners of Level8, and branded as Unit4 Financials, the CODA software solution remains in use and trusted by thousands of mid-tier to enterprise organisations internationally. It may not be called CODA any longer, but so many finance professionals still know the solution by that name due to trust built in the software over so many years. The Level8 team were brought together by our unrivalled CODA experience and a desire to support the businesses and their people who rely on Unit4 Financials today. 


CODA Software: Financial & Business Accounting Excellence

CODA was designed as a powerful financial management system for businesses requiring multi-currency, multi-localisation, multi-site and multi-language functionality. No mean feat and this is why the true power of CODA software has developed over decades of new versions, upgrades and improvements. 

The CODA financial solution is known within the market as a software package that just works. Intuitive, robust and with a depth of functionality that allows even the most complex businesses to simplify and manage their finance function effectively. The core values and functionality of CODA lives on under the Unit4 Financials banner and its a solution that continues to power finance operations in successful businesses globally.


CODA Software Consultants with Unmatched Experience

The Level8 team have been involved with implementing, training on, supporting and developing CODA software from some of the very earliest versions of the software (our longest serving consultant began work on version 4 for anyone who might know just how long ago we’re talking!).

From CODA PLC through to Baan and Science Systems (CODA SciSys) ownership and on to the days post-Unit4 takeover in 2008, members of the Level8 team were at the forefront of ensuring CODA remained a trusted name in financial software.

Level8 was born when a management team with decades of experience in delivering CODA software solutions came together to form a specialist Unit4 Financials consultancy dedicated to professional implementations of the platform and ensuring that businesses using the package could access the quality support and development that they need to maximise the potential of their system.

L8 team

At LEVEL8 we’ve grown with CODA and Unit4 Financials

CODA software has a long history as a financial management solution utilised by businesses globally to deliver the functionality required to operate an effective and successful organisation.

As mentioned previously, the team at LEVEL8 have worked with the solution through its evolution and most of us have roots in the old CODA ecosystem. We’ve seen the product grow and develop in to the modern, reliable and functionality-rich system we work with today. Our business has grown as a result of the trust that businesses place in Unit4 Financials and their desire to get even more from it.

Click on the image to the left to check out an infographic illustrating the full history of the CODA and Unit4 Financials solution or get in touch with the team at LEVEL8 to chat through our experience with this cutting-edge business system.

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