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Proactis ReThink

Proactis and their solutions encourage clients to ReThink Commerce.

The Proactis ReThink family of solutions are designed to leverage leading edge technologies in order to tackle real-world challenges with intuitive systems. Most importantly, they are designed to deliver true bottom-line impact.

ReThink helps buyers and sellers eliminate wasted time, money and talent by transforming the way they buy and sell goods and services. The solution helps buying organisations manage costs by taking the waste out of all their non-payroll spend while supporting selling organisations to improve sales by taking the waste out of their B2B sales processes.

Proactis deliver advanced technology and service solutions that help both parties streamline internal processes and revolutionise the way they engage and interact with each other.

ReThink Spend

An integrated suite of  spend management solutions that streamline every aspect of buying and paying for all types of goods and services, while also eliminating associated risks around suppliers by monitoring their performance and compliance. 

The ReThink Spend solution: drives savings by supporting effective spend on goods and services; increases productivity by empowering an organisation’s people to efficiently research, buy and pay for items; and streamlines procurement processes to improve organisational responsiveness

These factors impact everything a business does. So, when you think about transforming your spend management processes, think about the big picture: improving your bottom-line by reducing cost and increasing value while at the same time making your whole organisation more efficient, more effective and more successful at achieving its overall mission.

ReThink Sales

An eCommerce platform that drives increased B2B sales through greater efficiency. Integrated digital marketing, selling and invoicing solutions streamline the entire B2B sales process. 

If you want to operate faster, leaner and smarter then you’ll need an eCommerce approach that makes it easy for customers to engage and interact with you from anywhere and at any time.

Increase sales

Sell more to existing customers and be in the right place at the right time to win potential new customers. Improve everything from online presence, quotes and proposals, to order processing and billing processes.

Increase efficiency

Ensure your products are visible and accessible to customers with accurate, up-to-date information. By adopting electronic-based processes for buyer interaction and commerce, you make your organisation leaner and easier to deal with.

Support customer control

By using The Proactis Business Network, customers can do business with you at any time, while managing orders, tracking, receipt and payment. Product and order queries can be reduced, by making account information available online, at all times.

Improve cash flow

Support and encourage prompt payments by using electronic invoicing methods. Maximise cash flow by accelerating the payment of pre-qualified invoices.

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