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Automated payments across multiple companies for Unit4 Financials

The LEVEL8 Payment Processing System (PPS) software addition for Unit4 Financials is a product designed to build on the payments functionalities in the core system, in particular in relation to the inherent restraints around payments from multiple entities.

PPS facilitates payments from multiple legal entities – as opposed to paying from one and making accounting cross charges – which can greatly increase efficiency, streamline payment processes and save huge amounts of time for businesses where this functionality is required.

Highlights of Payment Processing for Unit4 Financials

> You can run a CODA payrun across multiple companies with one button press

> Allows you to invoice part-payments via configurable instalments schedule

> You can control which invoices are paid

> Control and hash totals are generated for security

> A single payfile is generated across multiple companies

> SEPA XML, ISO20022 Compliant.


Key Software Benefits

> Automated payruns over multiple companies

> Part payments

> Output single SEPA XML payfile for all companies

> Secure: Totals and account checksums/File hashing.

> Review your payments by: Running in ‘check only’ mode; Generating custom report detailing what would be paid; Allowing pre-funding and treasury sign off.

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