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Our in-house developed software products provide out of the box solutions for specific business processes

While we understand that every business is different and keep this at the forefront of our approach with every customer engagement, we also apprecite that certain business processes, challenges and system frustrations apply across the board. It is because of this that we have developed our own software addition products for Unit4 Financials which streamline some of these key processes and tackle the challenges that standard system functionality can sometimes present.

The LEVEL8 Portal

 The LEVEL8 Portal is our proprietary online platform for delivering and accessing our software additions. It is the preferred method of deployment for the majority of our clients, although our applications can also be run standalone if required. 

 The Portal enhances usability and configurability of the core system with potential to update lookups, fields and mappings. It also has its own granular user security model.  

Whether your business will be taking advantage of our statement loading or payment processing additions for Unit4 Financials, the LEVEL8 portal enables your business to get maximum benefit from the software.

LEVEL8 Software Products

SMS (Statements Management System)

Statement loading to Unit4 Financials (CODA) and automated bank reconciliation with intelligent mapping and matching engine.

PPS (Payments Processing System)

Quickly and simply automate your Unit4 Financials (CODA) pay runs across multiple companies made at the click of a single button.

Bespoke Product Development

Since the days of CODA, the Unit4 Financials system has enjoyed a class-leading reputation and has proved to be one of the most stable financial platforms. This is evidenced by the fact that many clients are running outdated versions in the knowledge that system failures are rare. 

CODA & Unit4 have historically kept all programming code up to date unless it is retired. In which case advanced notice is given and migration options have been put in place to newer technology.

This means Unit4 Financials has always provided a technology platform users can trust but these same users will also be looking for much richer functionality as well. So, what are your options if you need the system to do more?

CODA/Unit4 Financials functionality has always been developed on the back of what the majority of users have requested alongside the ease of development and inclusion in the next release. This often means that some functionality, critical to some users, is never identified as being required and does not find its way into the application.

LEVEL8 have never been constrained by the CODA software development cycle and have been able to develop solutions for their user, some of these have been critical solutions and high priority for our clients. The important point here is that we use the same programming components as the main application.

This basically means that LEVEL8 can create any bespoke routine that is supported by the underlying program code. Add to this our fresh approach to old routines along with our knowledge of Unit4 FInancials and upcoming developments and you have the basis of a strong relationship that is both progressive and ahead of the curve. 


Some examples of our bespoke work

> Providing bespoke routines to support business processes such as credit reference checks between operational systems and CODA and receipting of payments. Often these include write-back of non-financial data and key field updates in CODA from third party systems and vice versa.

> Development of customised screens and layout based on customer templates using components and data from CODA. E.g. hybrid credit control screen layouts.

> Re-Alignment of assets following company re-organisations to reflect changes in ownership

> Added value solutions that free you up to run your business

> Providing flexible solutions to restricted or time consuming or repetitive CODA processes and functionality such as reconciliation and matching.

> Processes that save time during the month end close. We are able to cover many time critical processes and make the close smoother.

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