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NEWSFLASH – Unit4 announce strategy to provide SaaS solutions only

Time to put integration at the heart of your Cloud Migration

Software integrations are a critical element of any successful Unit4 Financials by Coda migration to the Cloud but are often overlooked or relegated to an afterthought within the planning process. This is why Level8 developed our Cloud Integration as a Service (CIaaS) concept for businesses making the move to the Unit4 Cloud.

The migration of the core platform can, for obvious reasons, dominate Cloud project plans. However, without proper consideration of existing integrations, and a method for keeping them live and fully operational post-migration, your Cloud journey will soon become one defined by the disruption caused to the business.

Level8 already provide CIaaS solutions for a number of customers, several of whom have already made the move to the Unit4 Cloud. Our services work alongside the Unit4 Cloud to deliver a hosted integration platform. 

This service supports several hundred integrations written by Level8 and processing data every night – it’s fair to say Level8 integrations are loading millions of transactions per day to installs of Unit4 Financials by Coda across the customer base.

Coda Integrations in the Cloud

The challenge: Achieving Coda integration in the Cloud

When it comes to developing  and implementing integrations with Unit4 Financials by Coda, Level8 has all the skills and experience necessary, while Coda has a robust and extensive API. This API is where Unit4 Financials by Coda development begins – Unit4 R&D then build the web screens that you see as part of the Coda product on top of the API.

Level8 use this same API as Unit4 (wrapped in a different licence model), which provides around 99% of the function that is available in the screens. This means if something can be done via the screens, we can do it via the API as well – so, the answer to “Can you do X?” is always.. “Yes!”.

The API makes many hundreds of endpoints available. Our people have been using these for over 20 years – we know which ones to use in a given situation, and importantly, how to use them.

The final piece of the puzzle then is how to achieve this slickly and with minimal disruption in the Cloud…


CIaaS: Leveraging the power of the Level8 Portal

We make these integrations available and manage them via the Level8 Portal – our own proprietary browser-based integration portal. The Level8 Portal delivers reliable and supremely functional Unit4 Financials by Coda Cloud integrations through:

  • Viewing of in flight ETLs as well as historic ones.
  • Supporting ‘Ad hoc’ starts of ETLs e.g. where data arrives late.
  • Screens for self-maintenance of any mapping data required during processing.
  • Standard reports produced (tailored for each ETL) and automatically emailed to defined recipients.
  • ‘Wake on file landing’ utilities that can automatically run interfaces when files arrive – this can be useful for large amounts of data where file arrival is uncertain, but processing time is critical.
L8 team

Providing secure integrations you can trust

Security has to be a primary concern for any organisation embarking on a Cloud migration, something the specialists at Level8 never lose sight of. The Level8 Portal has been developed with data security at the forefront of the brief and delivers a platform customers can trust and rely on:

The Level8 Portal is penetration tested and secure for use via the public internet. 

Built-in security for file transfers – SFTP file pulls and pushes can be authenticated with user/password and also SSH keys/certificates.

For the data itself, PGP signing/verification and encryption/decryption is built into the framework.This encryption also supports key rotation to provide resilience for keys expiring. Level8 manage the certificate renewal process (e.g. registering new keys with counterparties), so you don’t have to.

Level8 offer full support for API-to-API communications to provide secure real-time functionalities, and even wrapping such API-to-API pipes up, so they appear like traditional batch interfaces.

Just some of the customers Level8 have helped through Cloud Integration as a Service

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Cloud Integration as a Service – How it works

A service configured to customer requirements

The Level8 CIaaS solution has been developed with customisation and flexibility prioritised. It is a solution designed to be adapted to the unique requirements of each and every customer. 

Delivered and managed through the Level8 Portal, CIaaS is designed to support scalability for growing and evolving businesses.

As a packaged service built by our software experts, it is the perfect solution for organisations facing internal resource challenges or considering costly outsourced development. 

We can offer CIaaS from a single data feed upwards and hosted on either shared or dedicated servers.

This high-level of configurability can also be found in how Level8 Cloud Integration as a Service is priced… 


The Level8 Portal provides a platform for businesses to simply and easily manage their critical Unit4 Finacials by Coda integrations. 

Pricing structure

There are four components to the cost:

  1. Building the ETL pipe for the data feed [one off cost]
  2. Hosting costs – i.e. machine time & space [annual repeat cost]
  3. Managed costs – i.e. installing & looking after the server [annual repeat cost]
  4. ETL pipe maintenance – fixes, small changes, upgrades for new versions of Coda, database and so on. [annual repeat cost]

For all of this we can offer menu pricing – based on the ‘T-shirt’ S,M, L,XL principle:


For feeds of transactions posting to the ledger where data already has Coda intelligence built in.

This is available off the shelf – only minor configuration will be necessary.


For feeds of transactions posting to the ledger where data already has some Coda intelligence built in, but needs more to be added.

This is available off the shelf – minor configuration will be necessary, in addition to setting up the mapping.


For more complex data feeds. For example where data may need significant summarisation & mapping; has cross references between data; feeds from multiple files.

Level8 will engage with your teams to understand the requirements and provide costings early in the process.

For the most complex ETL pipes including those with interim processing steps.

As with the Large tier, Level8 will engage with your teams to understand the requirements and provide costings early in the process.

Service hosting

Menu pricing is for shared server hosting – this would be in a private data centre.

For customers preferring a dedicated server we can offer private data centre hosting on Azure, AWS or GCP.

As standard the service includes DR failure & backups (immutable, off site) together with strong RTO & RPO numbers.

Request your solution consultation

Cloud integration: One size does not fit all

Our collective decades of experience working with Unit4 Financials by Coda means we understand that no two businesses or their systems are the same. These differences – a result of specific business requirements – are often most starkly clear when it comes to interfaces and integration.

This is why we offer a tailored approach to our CIaaS offering. And this starts with a consultation with a Level8 specialist that allows us to gather the information needed to then design, spec and cost a bespoke solution for your business’s cloud integration requirements.

You can request your consultation using the form on the left and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

Every business has its own motivations when embarking on a journey to the Cloud, but what we can say with certainty is that no business should neglect the importance of system integration and mitigating against functionality loss when planning theirs.

Achieve new levels of integration with Unit4 Financials by Coda with maximum security, configurability, scalability and cost-effectiveness. Speak to Level8 today to explore the huge benefits on offer through our Cloud Integration as a Service approach.


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