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five star review

Liberty Insurance first engaged with Level8 in late 2016 around the time when a very experienced Systems Accountant was leaving the business, this left a significant knowledge gap in our organisation that we filled through utilising the knowledge and expertise of Level8 to support any of the significant changes or developments that we needed to make on Unit4 Financials.

Level8 were highly recommended to us as being a group of very experienced and extremely capable ex Unit 4 employees with many years experience managing Unit4 Financials.

Level8 are fantastic to work with, they are always extremely flexible and available to help with any issue that arises particularly on significant issues that are causing business interruption.

Over the past number of years we have been able to make some very significant process changes on the back of utilising Level8’s knowledge of the application and also by implementing some bespoke software that Level8 developed. These changes have allowed us as an organisation to make some very positive operational efficiency gains.

I would highly recommend Level8 as a company to work with, their knowledge of the Unit4 Financials product is second to none and they have proven themselves to be always very willing and able to support our business making positive changes that have allowed us to make very significant operational process improvements.

Noel Smyth

Finance Systems Manager, Liberty Insurance

five star review

Level8 have proved an important partner in developing the scope and functionality of our Unit4 Financials platform across 4 countries in Europe

They have managed/assisted us in a number of core financial development projects including;

  • Operating system interface
  • Banking Interface and reconciliation software
  • CODA excel business performance reporting
  • Consolidation and Intercompany reporting

These projects, along with the concomitant training, have been delivered on time and to budget and following rollout have been fully supported if and when required.

Amongst others the projects have;

  • Enabled the company to move from monthly financial reporting to daily management reporting
  • Increased the systems skills and CODA knowledge of the employees
  • Allowed the accountants more time to analyse the results rather producing them.

We have confidence that if Level8 say they can do something they will deliver it.

Robin McLean

Group Financial Controller, Aspria Holdings BV

five star review

I have been working with Level 8 for several months to get our business ready for the Making Tax Digital VAT changes that come into force from 1 April 2021.  The support,  technical expertise, professionalism and client relationship skills provided by Level 8 have been excellent. 

Level 8 have really helped to make a difficult and at times very challenging project so much easier and have even made some improvements along the way. Everyone on the project here at Nuveen has really enjoyed working with them.  Outstanding performance and I highly recommend Level 8.

Jacqueline Lawson

Head of Indirect Taxation, Europe and Asia Pacific, Group Finance, Nuveen Global

Before we started working with Level8, the Company was not utilising Coda to its full potential. This is because we were not aware of some of its capabilities. Since engaging with Level8 we have much tighter controls on our processes and are now able to produce reports instantly from the system.   

We chose to work with Level8 due to their presence in the market and previous successful projects with them. 

The Level8 team are committed and very understanding. They strive to obtain the best results for their clients. We have worked with various members of the team and they have all had a positive reception with the team. 

Previously the Company was only getting 1 days’ worth of Coda support a week, which is unrealistic given the heavy usage of the system. We would only be able to perform essential changes rather than enhancing the system. Now we are able to make enhancements making the reporting more accurate/tighter controls within the system and produce automated reports. 

The team here at Nuveen now view our Level8 Coda consultant as a member of the team rather than an outsourced support. The additional support Holly has provided the team has been invaluable.

Rebecca Harris

Group Accountant, Nuveen Global

five star review

Neon Underwriting first engaged with Level8 in 2018 when we were looking for an experienced systems consultancy to assist Neon in the upgrade of Coda v11 to Coda v14, as well as the improvement and automation of key supporting procedures.  These included the integration of CODA with; our banking systems to facilitate payments and uploading of bank statements; Concur Expense and Invoicing.

Level8 were highly recommended to us as being a group of very experienced and extremely capable exUnit4 employees with many years of experience managing Unit4 Financials product.

Level8 are fantastic to work with honest, open and flexible with extensive knowledge of Unit 4 Financials. They spent time listening and understanding Neon’s business processes and key areas of concerns to ensure solutions were delivered that closely met expectations.  The team from Level8 were always available and ready to help, or change direction as project priorities changed.

Over the past 2 years we have been able to make some very significant changes on the back of utilising Level8’s knowledge of the CODA application and it’s reporting capability, and also by implementing the Level8 Portal – bespoke software developed by Level8. These changes have allowed us as an organisation to make some very positive operational efficiency gains.

I would highly recommend Level8 as a company to work with. Their knowledge of the Unit4 Financials product is second to none, together with their flexible and informed approach.

Scott Roseker

Business Change Manager, Neon Underwriting

five star review

We engaged with Level 8 because we needed assistance to configure queries so that we can extract data in a format suited to our reporting requirements, help with managing the year end process, and support for the project to integrate CODA with our procurement system COUPA.

We chose to engage with Level8 following the recommendation from a colleague who had previous experience of the Company.

We have found the Level8 consultants to be helpful and knowledgeable, building up a good understanding of how we use CODA and making themselves available whenever possible. Their support has allowed us to make better use of the system.

Based on our experience, I would recommend Level8 to other CODA users.

William Guest

Financial Accountant, Vanquis Bank

five star review

We had requirements for work on our sales ledger module and general system enhancements. Having discussed our needs with Level8 we were confident that the level of skill and expertise was available to deliver on our wish list.

Their consultants were knowledgeable and skilled and were helpful in suggestions to further enhance the performance and get the best out of the system to meet the needs of the business.

Throughout the projects they have been reliable and diligent and delivered the outcome on time, on budget. With them we have achieved better reporting and information for the business and streamlining of processes.

I would recommend Level8 to others as they are skilled and outcomes focused, highly professional and knowledgeable with the ability to lever value from the system.

Sian Evans

Head of Finance, Coastal Housing Group

Ashmore Group logo testimonial
five star review

We have worked with Level8 Solutions over many years and across various projects including a Unit4 Financials V14 upgrade, general consultancy and improvements with regards to our use of Unit4 Financials and implementation of their Statement Matching Software for bank statement load and matching in Unit4 Financials.

Our V14 upgrade project was completed on time and on budget. The upgrade team was proactive, transparent in their communication and clearly knowledgeable of the product and the underlying technology. All issues were picked up and resolved quickly within the scope of the project. We have agreed to continue to use Level8 Solutions for all future upgrades due to the high level of confidence we have in their expertise and ability to deliver.

When it comes to the system consultancy we received, Level8 went through the painful process of explaining the building blocks of the application, reviewing the current setup, suggesting areas of improvement and the subsequently implementing the relevant recommendations. All of this was done in a considerate and transparent manner, with all tasks completed on time and on budget.

The Statement Matching Software [SMS] was truly a game changer and saved us quite a bit of manual processing. Fully integrated with Unit4 Financials, SMS was able to read the electronic bank statements, load to Financials and run the matching service. We enjoyed very responsive post implementation support.

Level8 have huge expertise in Unit4 Financials and a very strong attention to detail ensuring nothing was missed during all projects undertaken.

Varun Agarwal

Senior Business Analyst/Project Manager, Ashmore Group

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