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Unlocking the potential of Unit4 Financials through User Education

LEVEL8 is the primary education delivery partner for UNIT4 Financials in the UK. This is a status and accolade that we’re hugely proud of.

It’s something that maybe becomes less surprising once you learn that our team actually created many of the training materials that have been in use by both CODA and Unit4 since 1997, and that we have been used to upgrade and update UNIT4 Public course materials through to the most recent versions of UNIT4 Financials.

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Our training consultants have an average of 20 years’ experience training & consulting in UNIT4 Financials (previously CODA) modules, we have delivered quality training in all of the UNIT4 Financials applications below:

UNIT4 Financials
UNIT4 Financials – Assets
UNIT4 Financials – Retail
UNIT4 Purchasing
UNIT4 Invoice Matching

In addition to this we are regularly engaged by clients to design and tailor courses in order to fit the requirements of their organisation or individual users.

LEVEL8 believe that education & knowledge transfer is the key to self-sufficiency and lowering the TCO of your UNIT4 Financials solution. It maximises your ROI and leaves you in full control of your software solution.

The Power of Education

There’s very little that frustrates us more than seeing some other technology consultancies keeping their activities, work and specialist knowledge a closely guarded secret from the clients they serve.

These organisations see education as a threat to their revenues. At LEVEL8 we see things very differently:

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

A quote that rings true for us. The right systems education is how our clients get the most from their business systems. It’s why they keep coming back to us with new projects and requests.

LEVEL8 aim to support our clients to continually do more with their technology. Education is how we achieve this.


How We Approach Your Training Requirements

Enquire about our training services

We have a clear engagement principle at LEVEL8 and it’s just as applicable for our training services as it is to our software solutions – understand the customers’ needs.

That’s why we create tailored courses and deliver them on site in a formal training environment or in workshop style. Our consultants will conduct in-depth discussions and advise on configuration based on extensive experience gained at the sharp end of consulting.

We can also help deliver the optimal training for your business by constructing a Training and Development Plan (TDP) in the form of interviews or workshops to identify both gaps in knowledge and functionalities you may not be using. 

The TDP looks at your current use of CODA/Unit4 Financials and gathers information of beneficial improvements in order to create a development plan. We have the broad knowledge of having used other software and systems, both operational and back-office which allows us to engage in a meaningful discussion on problem resolution

The TDP may also highlight areas that may require system configuration changes or development and, of course, we are able to assist in any build work BUT the choice is yours.

Training Scenarios We Can Assist With

New to CODA / Unit4 Financials

For users with little or no knowledge of the system and/or its applications.

New to role or company

Support your new users to hit the ground running on your specific system.

Function specific training

Add value to user roles and help your people to work smarter.

Refresher training courses

Perfect for users with outdated or incomplete CODA/U4F knowledge.

Deep Dive training workshops

Focus on complex functionality. It’s installed, now use it.

How We Can Train You


LEVEL8 have provided training on behalf of Unit4 for a number of years and we have delivered all their public courses, they broadly fall into the following categories:

– Principle and methods training
– Advanced end user training
– System Administrator training
– Technical training
– Third party applications

This has seen LEVEL8 build up extensive experience in delivering this kind of classroom-based training.

We can provide these type of standard classroom training courses direct to customers and we can also work with you to devise classroom or workshop format training meeting your specific requirements and delivered at your site, using your own systems.


This type of training session is designed to meet the requirements of customers experiencing a common organisational issue when it comes to the use of their systems. 

Good examples of this are the refresher and functionality-focused training courses we specialise in delivering and some of the scenarios we encounter that can be remedied by this kind of session include:

– High Staff turnover including entire implementation teams departing
– Insufficient handover to new starters
– Internal promotion of staff resulting in senior staff having to monitor and supervise others whilst trying to fulfil their own roles.

These all can lead to heavy reliance on a limited number of users and poor continuity of system knowledge between your people, something which carries plenty of risk with it.

Our vast experience in this area has shown us that, clients and users will only use what they are told to use. The fear of the unknown prevents most users from using the system in smarter and more efficient ways

This eventually erodes the efficiency of CODA, workarounds are developed to perform ‘functionality’ that is already paid for, and in some cases already exists, from the initial implementation. Add to this the fact that you are paying a fixed maintenance costs for unused functionality and the cost of effective training soon becomes insignificant.

LEVEL8 offer tailored or generic courses for users new to CODA and your organisation. We work with our existing users to document their solution, understand the working configuration and produce training manuals and instructional videos tailored their needs.


For maximum convenience and flexibility we are also able to offer remote training using a series of webinars.

Most of the training options detailed above can be covered by remote training and is suited to users that are new to the software, have been given little handover time or are time constrained and feel that they are not using the system to its full potential.

We introduced this option in 2015 and have had some great responses back from our users. Remote training is convenient for all parties and means you don’t have to block out full days, instead attending a two hour meeting or a series of these.

For our consultants it means a reduction in travel and we can work around the meetings to suit your diary. Of course, this all helps reduce our carbon footprint as well, something that we are all becoming increasingly conscious of.


Pre Sales Cycle – Client Side
We have been asked on a number of occasions to educate and advise on CODA application during the Pre-Sales cycle, this is used as a means to qualify statements made during the sales and Presales cycle. We can offer insight into the application before any formal decision have been made on software selection.

Put yourself in a position of strength and engage with us during the pre-sales cycle, you’ll make a more informed decision.

We are independent of Unit4, our partnership with UNIT4 is not allowed to interfere with our impartiality. We will remain independent throughout the whole project.

If you think you need more advice or want to know the smoke from the mirrors and need a qualified opinion of the functionality then please contact us.


In-Depth Application Configuration Knowledge
Our Education consultants are also our Application consultants, they have years of experience in many industry verticals, and are aware of all configuration requirements. Their implementation knowledge and experience is invaluable during formal training as they can deep dive into technical issues.


UAT or Train the Trainer
We enable you to run your UAT by using the train the trainer approach. If you prefer we can cover the end user training as well. We have completed the single largest end user training program for CODA when we trained over 400 users in offices nationwide.

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