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At LEVEL8 we have built and tuned our software development services over a period of more than a decade working on mission-critical projects for multiple clients and many vertical markets and sectors.

In the CODA/Unit4 Financials domain there is very little that we have not seen, spec’d and developed. We bring this knowledge and expertise to your project and what this means is we will deliver success.

At LEVEL8 we believe in keeping it simple.

Complex can always be broken down into simple steps. This is why we work with simple steps first and then building up necessarily complex solutions from these. We believe it is imperative to always do this, if the simple steps work then the complex solution works.

With LEVEL8 the value-add is in bringing our extensive CODA experience to each software development project. We will provide impartial advice on all the safeguards, ‘nice-to-haves’ and general ‘user-friendly’ features we can build into the solution. We will work closely with you and your requirements, guiding you on what is achievable so that we work towards an agreed solution.

This empowers you to make the correct choices for your business and puts you in control of your project from the outset.

Once suitably analysed, a solid design can be produced and discussed, and then the building work can start. LEVEL8 aims to make the building of the solution and writing the software like a production line. We really add value through our design. Of course writing the software is a skilful business, and will take time, but we always try to build on previous experience so that you benefit from it.

Why LEVEL8 Software?

We have been working with CODA applications since 1994 and our primary focus since then has been CODA, or what is now Unit4 Financials. We have been developing and implementing these solutions since version 5 and up to the latest Version 14.

We believe we have the strongest development team and capabilities for bespoke Unit4 Financials solutions available to the market. Testament to this is the fact we are not just Unit4 Strategic Partners for development and integration but we actually operate as their ‘in-house’ Unit4 Financials development resource (go to Unit4 direct and one way or another you’ll be speaking to us!). 

Our software development consultants have strong business analysis skills coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the CODA application set and the ability to successfully resolve issues faced by our clients. 

We’re a customer-focused team committed to closing the gaps between CODA functionality and real life (or real-time) business processes.


Our 3 Core Principles of Software Development


We believe working in partnership with our clients, and the wider user community, to gain a better understanding of the project requirements at the outset. This helps reduce the need for late change requests, iterative changes and increases in cost. We have extensive experience of facilitating this process and will guide you through the analysis and design stage.


Flexibility is key – we are very happy for you to change your mind overnight, and then again the next night. We always design our systems to be as configurable as possible. This maximises the opportunity for the client to make changes themselves or, if actual software changes are required, these can be implemented by us at low cost.

We love working with clients who can demonstrate flexibility too. If you suggest something that is expensive, risky or otherwise difficult, we will tell you and do our best to devise a straightforward process to accommodate that part of your business. 


Building a new solution to take advantage of a business opportunity is essentially a creative process – something new is being built. Yes, a big part of our job is to ensure it has solid foundations, is efficient and user friendly in the way it gets the job done. But it is still a creative process supporting a client achieve more in their business – and as such we believe the speed at which we can implement a new idea is critical.

If you have a suggestion and can see the reality in front of you within minutes and hours, rather than days and weeks it is so much easier to judge whether it is a good idea, and whether further changes will make it an even better one. We want to be as quick as we can in responding to any suggestions to maximise the chances of a good system, and thus project success.

Examples of LEVEL8 Software Projects

– Integrations with CODA applications

– Inbound and outbound interface automation including those requiring strict security and governance controls such as BACS, SEPA etc.

– Audit trails between systems; reconciliation, metadata and if required data changes.

– Bespoke or customised solutions using CODA program components

– Developing bespoke routines to support specific business processes

– Read and write-back along with field updates in CODA from third party systems

– Development of customised screens and layouts based on customer templates using components and data from CODA. E.g. hybrid credit control screen layouts

– Re-Alignment of assets following company re-organisations to reflect changes in ownership or statutory company alignments prior to disposal of companies

– Providing flexible solutions to restrictive, time-consuming or repetitive CODA processes and functionality such as reconciliation and matching (we can do this across multi-companies).

– Processes that save time during the month end close. We are able to cover many time critical processes and make the close smoother.

– Data migrations from, to and between CODA/Unit4 Financials systems

– Version compliance

We always use published CODA API’s and make use of the rich functionality in CODA, these are kept up to date by UNIT4.

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How We Implement

The list that follows is a quick reference for the types of approach we have seen and might be applicable in your situation. Your project may end up using one or a hybrid of these:

– Writing a full-blown interface using full-cycle software development.

– Use a database vendor’s toolset to read and manipulate data from one system to another.

– Direct insertion of data into the new system’s database, rather than use of any formal data import utilities.

– Phased migrations – Migrate the crucial current data for day one, then the historic reporting data gradually over the following few days.

– Two stage migrations – Historic, then a few weeks later the ‘last period’ when it is closed in the old system. Store some of the historic data elsewhere (maybe left in the old system) and run reports on it whenever the need arises.

Our Software Services

Software Products

Our in-house developed software products provide out of the box solutions for specific business processes.

Software Integrations

Our bespoke integrations create seamlessly connected systems designed to give you a single view of your business, one version of the truth.

Data Migrations

Well planned and executed data migration is key to any successful system implementation – this is a LEVEL8 specialism.

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