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What is our GET CLOUD READY Review and how will it help your business?

The Cloud revolution has had a transformative effect on many areas of life, including business technology, and the operational benefits of cloud-based systems mean there is no shortage of reasons for businesses to undertake their own cloud migrations.

However, availability, reliability and resilience are essential when it comes to your critical business systems. A poorly planned migration to the cloud can threaten all of these areas and it is therefore essential to make a detailed assessment of the cloud readiness of your systems if disruption is to be avoided.

Unit4 Financials sits at the heart of business operations for so many organisations and a growing part of our work as experts in the solution is supporting clients with their move to the Cloud. Our partners at Unit4 call this process the Cloud Journey 4U and as Unit4 Financials strategic partners we’re ready guide you through every step of the way.

This is the reason we offer our free GET CLOUD READY Review. We have the expertise and knowledge to establish and clearly present the cloud readiness of your Unit4 Financials solution, providing insight and actions required for a successful cloud migration in areas such as:   

  • Cloud Readiness – Fully supported software, up to date versions and purpose-built integrations are essential for successful cloud migrations.
  • System Resilience – Identifying unsupported or out of date system features allows upgrade plans to be put in place.
  • Integrations – Uncovering potential issues in relation to data touchpoints and confirming forward compatibility of key integrations.
  • Business Continuity – Avoiding disruption to your business operations by eliminating potential causes of downtime before it occurs.

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