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Unit4 Financials Procurement solutions delivered in association with Spend Right Consulting


We’ve teamed up with the Unit4 Financials (Coda) Procurement specialists at Spend Right Consulting to deliver a range of utilities capable of supercharging system procurement processes and delivering business efficiencies in this critical operational area.

Drawing on our expertise and experience in Unit4 Financials software development, these utilities have been specified and designed to meet the procurement requirements of the clients Level8 and Spend Right have worked with and supported over decades working with the software solution. When combined with the specialist consultancy and deployment services offered by Spend Right, the rollout of these powerful utilities can revolutionise procurement processes within your business.

You can find out more about each of these software additions below. The utilities can be installed individually but have also been developed by our specialists to work together and in conjunction with each other in order to deliver a comprehensive upgrade package for Unit4 Financials Procurement. 

Introducing the Unit4 Financials Procurement Utilities

PO Authorise Circle


The Punchout utility for Unit4 Financials (Coda) is designed and developed to introduce new levels of automation to the Unit4 Financials Punchout purchase order process.

The utility achieves this by building on the core Punchout functionality of importing items from Vendor sites to POs in the Unit4 Financials system by then facilitating the auto submission of the cXML PO to the vendor.

Once the appropriate authorisation is made within Unit4 Financials, POs are electronically submitted to the respective vendor. The utility can process and submit POs for an unlimited number of vendors.

This utility utilises the cXML standard and for this reason it is highly configurable. If the data is on the Unit4 Financials/Coda PO then it can be picked up and sent in any cXML field.

Deployment time for the utility is generally less than a day and configuration work for each new vendor can be measured in hours including tests – a low friction rollout for such huge efficiency gains.

PO Validate Workflow Circle


The Purchase Order Validation utility is designed to automate the validation processes within Unit4 Financials and introduce checks and balances to ensure purchase orders and invoices are reviewed and matched accurately.

The utility first detects when Accounts Payable attempts to enter an invoice for a PO that has been entered on the system but not yet received. Upon clicking Save (rather than Save & Match) this Purchase Order Validation Workflow sends a work item to the PO originator asking them to review.

Once the originator resolves this work list item, the Accounts Payable user is automatically sent a notification that the invoice is now available to be matched to the PO. 

This utility is quick and easy to install on to the system and users can be brought up to speed in a short period of time in a software environment they are familiar with.

Invoice discrepancy check circle


The Invoice Discrepancy Workflow is a utility available for both Purchase Orders and Requisitions and works at line level.

With the system discrepancy tolerances set up, the utility then works to pick up invoice discrepancies outside of these tolerances and route them through an authorisation workflow. This workflow routes the POs or Requisitions in question to the originator for approval (or rejection).

This utility is quick and easy to install on to the system and users can be brought up to speed in a short period of time in a software environment they are familiar with.

email auth PO circle


This utility has been developed to provide automated mobile/remote authorisation potential for businesses where use of the Unit4 Mobile Authorisation App is not an option (for technical or security reasons).

The utility achieves this by facilitating approval via email/outside of the application in order to bypass any security/VPN concerns from a business and its IT function.

When a Purchase Order is saved to the system and sent for authorisation an email is automatically sent to the respective authoriser. The authoriser wil then be presented with Approve/Deny buttons within the email body along with the option to enter text for a reply.

Purchase Order Authorisations honours the existing system authorisation hierarchy (with multiple levels of authorisation). It can also be used in conjunction with the Punchout – Automated Electronic PO Submission utility for an even more powerful PO processing solution. 

It’s time to supercharge your Unit4 Financials Procurement processes.

Use the form below to contact Spend Right & LEVEL8 today and discuss how our partnership along with these unique procurement utilities can deliver new efficiencies to your business.

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