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Unit4 Financials

LEVEL8 is a technology partner with huge experience of working with the Unit4 Financials platform. Our background in financial management software can be found in the CODA solution that became Unit4 Financials following Unit4’s acquisition of that business and product. 

Unit4 Financials has continually developed to deliver the superior efficiency, consistency and accuracy needed for organisations to thrive in the digital age. With business models transforming, new regulations emerging and change coming faster than ever, Unit4 Financials helps you handle the most complex challenges with confidence.

CODA provided the original unified-ledger, global accounting system capable of giving organisations a single, real-time version of the truth. Unit4 Financials has built on that rock-solid platform to continue introducing the innovative functionalities to the software required to keep the product and its customers ahead of the game.

Unit4 Financials integrates with your existing systems for total freedom of choice and ongoing business agility. It’s time for your business to embrace this best-of-breed financial solution with the system experts at LEVEL8.

Build your solution. Power your processes. See your business clearly.

Unit4 Financials provides complete visibility over an organisation’s financial processes, even in the most diverse, complex or fast-changing enterprises. No lag, sub-ledgers or manual reconciliation – this is real-time insight in to your business finances and operations.

Financial software must also integrate seamlessly with the other applications that your organisation relies on. Unit4 FInancial’s innovative and unique architecture provides unrivalled integration and inter-operability using Unit4’s web services. 

Accounting functionality, business logic and financial validation can be combined with all the specific operational applications you need. Add, change or upgrade key business systems without losing control of your finances and without disrupting the connections between applications.

LEVEL8 are Unit4 Financials development specialists and our team of developers are all ex-Unit4 employees. We have the development and specific system knowledge required to deliver the integrations and custom functionality required to make sure the solution fits your business perfectly.

Working in real-time to support business decisions

So many enterprise financial systems obscure your view of the business with modular ledger systems, static manual processes and limited reporting capabilities. These kind of legacy accounting tools are not up to the challenges of managing the modern business.

You need real time insight to make informed decisions and stay in compliance with financial regulations.Today’s businesses require a genuinely integrated solution with an intuitive user experience, global visibility and the power to manage financial complexity.

With Unit4 Financials your people can enter data into the system more quickly with streamlined and automated financial processes. Then at the other end they can get the actionable business intelligence out that they need to make the best decisions, based on real-time visibility into your organisation’s financial position. The result is that you can deliver better efficiency, consistency, and accuracy to support future business success.

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At LEVEL8 we’ve grown with Unit4 Financials

Unit4 Financials has a long history as a financial management solution utilised by businesses globally to deliver the functionality required to operate an effective and successful organisation.

As mentioned previously, the team at LEVEL8 have worked with the solution through its evolution and most of us have roots in the old CODA ecosystem. We’ve seen the product grow and develop in to the modern, reliable and functionality-rich system we work with today. Our business has grown as a result of the trust that businesses place in Unit4 Financials and their desire to get even more from it.

Click on the image to the left to check out an infographic illustrating the full history of the Unit4 Financials solution or get in touch with the team at LEVEL8 to chat through our experience with this cutting-edge business system.

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