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Balal Ahmed
Director of Business Development & Partner Relations

And so, probably with a sigh of relief for most, we’re coming to the end of a year like no other. Yes, it’s fair to say 2020 has been a challenging one (come on, we’re British, we like a bit of understatement!).

However, as is always the case when we get to this point in the calendar, it’s useful to take a step back, look at what has happened during the last 12 months and have a think about what it could mean for the next.

Within the world of business software there are some things that even a global pandemic won’t change. One such thing is the fact that upgrades can often become a bone of contention amongst a system’s user base.

As a longstanding client, it can feel like you’re being delivered an ultimatum each time an upgraded version comes along. Indeed, during our time in the industry we’ve seen some vendors adopt stances to upgrades that damage client relationships permanently.

Observing situations like this was a big factor in how LEVEL8 as a business developed our own approach and attitude to software upgrades. And it’s no coincidence that in Unit4, we are partnered with a developer that is aligned with ourselves when it comes to the subject.

The aim is to deliver value in upgraded versions through critical and innovative new functionality. This must then be clearly communicated to clients in order to allow them to assess and understand the value proposition for their business.

Let’s then return to the original point mentioned in this article, of looking towards the next 12 months, by asking a question – What is the value delivered in the latest versions of Unit4 Financials that can provide the motivation to upgrade in 2021?

Well, a great place to start in answering this question is with a look back to Nick Maiden’s recent review of Unit4 Financials V15 and the new functionality delivered in this latest version of the software.

From Year Ends to Reconciliation and Payments to Intercompany Accounting, the latest version of Unit4 Financials delivers enhancements that cannot be ignored by clients looking to realise increased returns on their investment in the software.

The power of Flexi Fields functionality is also well worth a mention, with so many of our clients on later Unit4 Financials versions having discovered the potential the feature has for improved reporting and analysis.

Maintaining system database tables against elements opens up new reporting options, providing the insights required to quickly implement positive business change. Make sure you give our team a shout if you’d like to find out more about Unit4 Financials Flexi Fields.

These features, along with the system developments around MTD (and the impending Phase 2 deadline in April) that our insight article next month will focus on, are all compelling functionality reasons to consider an upgrade in 2021.

Beyond actual software features, there’s a couple of additional major benefits to factor in when choosing to upgrade Unit4 Financials with LEVEL8:

  • Our experience, approach and proven upgrade methodology is the unique element of our own upgrade value proposition. Built on understanding and transparency, along with a tried and tested upgrade project structure, we consistently deliver on time and within agreed budgets.
  • By upgrading Unit4 Financials your business secures the long-term stability of what is a critical system, maintains access to top-tier support SLAs and allows the software to be a reliable part of your overall business continuity plans.

These elements, taken together with the functionality motivations delivered by the latest versions, mean the business case for an upgrade actually becomes clear and easy for us to communicate.

In the medium to long-term upgrading Unit4 Financials is, both financially and operationally, the astute choice.

So, if you’re considering an upgrade in 2021 and the benefits that we’ve outlined which back up this statement make sense to you, it’s probably time to get in touch with us here at LEVEL8 for an initial chat through your upgrade requirements.