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This week it was announced that LEVEL8 Solutions have been awarded Unit4 Elite Partner status for 2022 in recognition of our business and people’s experience, history and customer success with the Unit4 Financials system.

LEVEL8’s work with the Unit4 Financials solution extends back several decades now to the original CODA Financials platform that the powerful financial management solution began life as.

Our diverse team of people are of course how we have built that huge depth of experience – the reason we’re able to boast more than 300 combined years of Unit4 Financials expertise amongst our hugely skilled consultancy and software development units.

Heading into 2022 we’re all looking towards another year of supporting our existing clients and welcoming many new Unit4 Financials users looking for a partner that can truly support them in getting the most from their financial software.

The next twelve months look set to be a critical one for many Unit4 Financials users who remain on V14 with the end of 2022 signalling the end of its time in the Unit4 supported software window. With several upgrades already underway with clients we’re anticipating further need for support around upgrades from this version and the LEVEL8 team stand ready to support organisations facing this challenge.

With our cloud migration offerings becoming further established as a robust cloud option for Unit4 Financials users, our cloud platform specialists are particularly excited about several upcoming major projects. If your business is currently considering how to achieve a Unit4 Financials migration to the cloud then make sure you get in touch to discuss our unique approach and methodology.

Click here to visit our Contact Page and get in touch to discuss your requirements with an Elite Unit4 Financials partner.