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Our system deep dive is an exercise we offer as part of the range of Education services available from LEVEL8. While you can probably guess that this process is all about getting in to the finer details of your business systems, what do we actually mean by a deep dive, what does it include and how could you benefit?

So, what do we mean by a ‘system deep dive’?

Well, this service is all about gaining a true understanding of your business’s Unit4 Financials software solution, what it’s doing for your business now and what the full potential of the system could be. It’s an interactive training process that is based on learning and discovery with the guidance of a LEVEL8 solution expert.

These system deep dives can be delivered on site or by a series of remote webinars or through a combination of the two. As well as offering deep dives tailored to your specific system, we also offer these training opportunities as open webinars with a detailed focus on standard Unit4 Financials functionalities.

Tailored business-specific deep dives can be scoped, structured and booked by contacting LEVEL8. Our open deep dive technical workshops are regularly advertised on our website and LinkedIn page. The subject matter will be selected by ourselves and a brief overview will be recorded, if there is user interest then we will book the webinar at a nominal cost to cover the cost of consulting time and effort.

All recordings of webinar sessions, whether on system-specific or open deep dives, are made available for download to all participants of the webinar to share internally within their respective businesses.

What does a deep dive workshop include?

This question can have various answers when it comes to our business-specific system deep dives because these workshops are a genuinely bespoke exercise. We involve you, your issues and your requirements in setting an agreed agenda and desired outcomes.

This is a training and education solution designed around your business, its people and your Unit4 Financials software. This will be tailored to include a review of all aspects of the system and its individual functionalities that affect your business and can potentially be utilised better.

These sessions are called deep dives because they do take user reviews and education to an advanced level. Therefore, even on open sessions we would expect to cover the more complex configuration aspects of Unit4 Financials/CODA functionality. Examples of such areas include:

Browse Hierarchies
CODA XL for reporting
Currency Revaluation
Intercompany set up
Upgrade, Pre-sales insight and UAT training
Upgrade capability content & assessments (LEVEL8 is a primary delivery partner for UNIT4 Financials upgrades).

What are the benefits?

Whether you select a tailored or more general deep dive workshop, the benefits to your business and its system users can be huge.

Your day to day business operations are supported by its software platform and through maximising the potential of your systems you achieve improved efficiencies while helping your people to do their jobs quicker and with more ease.

This is only achievable with specialist knowledge and an experienced system guide. LEVEL8 are genuine Unit4 Financials experts (having worked with the system since the early days of CODA) and our emphasis on the importance of education for achieving more with technology means the measurable success of our system deep dives is something we take great pride in.

Contact us today to discuss your Unit4 Financials training requirements.