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Dan Barton
Director of Software Development & Integrations

The light at the end of the tunnel. An end in sight. The back of this flippin’ virus. However you want to put it, it finally feels like the toughest days of the Covid-19 pandemic are behind us and better times are coming.

A big reason for this increasing collective positivity in the UK has been the publishing of the government roadmap out of restrictions. It’s been the root of much speculation and anticipation, something that won’t surprise those involved in software and technology at all.

That’s because, in this industry space, roadmaps are always the cause of much excitement, being common parlance for how a business envisages its future tech strategy or product development.

So, at a time when the pandemic has had a transformative impact on many ways of working, along with the role and usage of business software, it’s no surprise that we’ve been having plenty of discussions with clients about their Unit4 Financials roadmap.

The rise of remote working and the management of dispersed workforces have defined business operations in the ‘Covid world’. It’s no surprise then that the benefits of the Cloud for delivering unified working, despite the challenges of physical distance, have cemented cloud computing solutions within the business systems norm.

This instantly increased reliance on cloud also allowed these technologies the opportunity they perhaps needed to disprove some long-term doubts over availability and resilience. The move to cloud working is a road most businesses were already on but the direction of travel is now far clearer and speeds of adoption are accelerating.

All this means that getting cloud strategy, technology and partners right is now more important than ever. No business can afford to bury collective heads in the sand and that very much includes those using Unit4 Financials.

But therein lies a big challenge. As a cloud product, the credentials of Unit4 Financials are relatively new and many businesses using it will be working with on premise installations that have potentially been in place for decades.

We know that Unit4 Financials software is popular and retains customers because it just works. It’s also why we love it as a financial solution. This product reputation and performance can’t be jeopardised. Which makes things quite simple, now it just has to work in the Cloud.

Thankfully we’ve been delivering modern cloud working to Unit4 Financials users for years prior to the pandemic and it’s no surprise that we’re now seeing the drive towards this intensifying and becoming more widespread amongst our clients.

We understand that detailed preparation, planning and exploratory work is essential for any successful cloud migration. Our Cloud Readiness Review is designed as a starting point for any Unit4 Financials customer considering making the jump and you can find out more about this here.

We’ve also produced an exclusive guide focused on integration and cloud systems communication which can be downloaded here. This is an unmissable review of the challenges and benefits of cloud working as well as an introduction to the Level8 Portal, the proprietary technology we’ve developed to help deliver successful Unit4 Financials cloud migrations.

I’ll be going into more detail on the tech behind our cloud migration options and how we work alongside our partners at Unit4 to achieve the best outcomes for customers in a future article, so keep an eye out for that.

And remember, any good roadmap has key milestones and goals that build towards a final destination. Why not get in touch to tap into our expertise and experience of the Unit4 Financials cloud journey to help put yours together.