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Balal Ahmed
Director of Business Development & Partner Relations

Following the recent announcement from Unit4 on their future SaaS-only strategy for Unit4 Financials by Coda, we’ve been fielding plenty of enquiries from clients old and new about their next steps. Thankfully, at LEVEL8, we’ve been signposting and supporting businesses with Coda migrations for longer than a lot of our expert team probably care to admit!

LEVEL8 associates have been upgrading Unit4 Financials applications since the “old Coda” days – many on our team helped move clients from proprietary products to open client server back in the 1990’s and we’ve been providing version upgrades ever since LEVEL8 was created back in 2014. In recent years, working closely with Unit4, we’ve delivered successful cloud deployments for clients who had set their sights on migration.

Our in-house technical experts are ready to help – we have three associates on the team who have completed the Unit4 Global Cloud Processes training, which enables them to have access to non-production Unit4 Cloud environments. That’s a great comfort for our clients, knowing that LEVEL8 have a trusted relationship with Unit4 and have been audited for our expertise – they know that we know what we’re doing better than anyone else out there.

Many of our people are ex-Coda (or Unit4) and we have solid reputations and relationships with former colleagues in the Unit4 Cloud team and within the wider organisation. This provides LEVEL8 with a unique position of trust. Trust, coupled with our enviable record of success in delivering robust enterprise solutions makes LEVEL8, THE natural partner, for your journey to the Cloud.

LEVEL8 introduced “Cloud Talk” over 5 years ago. Cloud Talk enables secure high volume communications, using native API’s and Web Services to handle a multitude of processes, including talking to the Unit4 Financials by Coda database in its own language. This is coupled with the ability to “un-stress” the movement of large volumes of data between other business critical systems – be they on-premise, private cloud, public cloud – and connect them securely and reliably to the U4Cloud.

We call this Cloud Integration As A Service or “CIAAS”

It might be a new acronym but we have been successfully doing this for over 5 years. We can confidently estimate that our clients are updating at least one million transactions to Unit4 Financials by Coda databases everyday using our technology. These are businesses in the UK, EU, Middle East and North America. At LEVEL8 we build solutions that cross boundaries – plus they are robust and reliable, just like our people.

If you want to discuss what the Unit4 end of life for on-premise installations means for you AND how LEVEL8 can help take your Cloud migration plans beyond pie in the sky, contact us for a confidential discussion. One of our dyed in the wool Unit4 Financials by Coda consultants (who you may even know) will get back to you as quick as possible.