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Nick Maiden
Director of Operations & Systems Education

Is there anything more satisfying than a straightforward formula for something that, at first glance, may seem unfathomably complex?

Take the idea of Force for example. Until Newton’s Second Law was established, how could people even imagine defining such an amorphous concept. And then… Force = Mass x Acceleration. Now that’s clean and simple.

In the same vein, getting the most out of your financial software can feel precisely the opposite of clean and simple.

Thankfully, here at LEVEL8 we know that this just means you haven’t found the right formula for success yet. And just as our pal Isaac did with Force; we’ve got one nailed down for FinancialForce.

So, let’s explore the factors providing the Mass and the Acceleration behind our successful implementation of this leading cloud-based financial software.

Pedigree and heritage  

Our story with FinancialForce extends back to the original introduction of the solution to the UK, a solution in which our partners at Unit4 (alongside Salesforce) were a major investor and developer. As a specialist Unit4 Financials consultancy, with a team including many who worked directly for Unit4 (and CODA previously) at the time FinancialForce emerged, we have close links to Unit4’s Harrogate headquarters and therefore the FinancialForce UK head office that was established in the same building.

Being there from the very start, our product knowledge and position in the FinancialForce ecosystem has developed alongside the software itself. Indeed, this deep understanding is a big reason behind why we’re trusted to deliver FinancialForce training sessions for users based around the globe.

All of this means our team can draw on a solid base of implementation skills, system understanding and key contacts within FinancialForce.


Building on the firm foundations provided by this heritage is our general expertise as a dedicated financial management software consultancy. Our team is made up of product specialists and qualified accountants (most often they’re both!) who have a detailed understanding of both the software and the requirements of the businesses we work with.

Six of our systems consultants are fully trained in the FinancialForce application and we also maintain an in-house Salesforce development resource. Working alongside the Software arm of our business this also allows us to deploy our expertise around system architecture, integrations and bespoke development when working with FinancialForce.

Support & Approach 

As with all client engagements we undertake in relation to any system, we deploy experienced consultants who are the best placed within our team to meet the technical and business requirements of the client and the project. You can trust us to apply our usual approach focused around client satisfaction, detailed planning and clear communication. Our commitment to this approach is a major reason for our investment in developing and offering a UK-based FinancialForce System Admin helpdesk service to our clients.

Now, while we’ve had this formula together for a while, what we have been guilty of is not really shouting about it. However, we know it’s what allows us to offer our clients implementation and support services unique within the UK FinancialForce partner ecosystem.

As the market footprint of the Salesforce platform only continues to grow, more and more businesses want to review FinancialForce as a cloud-based and integrated accounting software option.

Whether your gateway to FinancialForce is through Salesforce OR your business is simply looking for an advanced cloud finance solution, we are perfectly placed to assist you to explore FinancialForce and provide you with the benefits of our Formula for Success.

Drive your business forward with FinancialForce. Talk to LEVEL8 today.

For any business considering FinancialForce and our partner services we also offer some great free resources to support your initial discovery of the software and the positive impact it can have on a business’s financial operations.


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