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Dan Barton
Director of Software Development & Integrations

Have you ever felt constrained by your business software due to a functionality gap? Or wished you could get it talking to other critical systems quickly and easily?

No matter how powerful the software solution in question, these issues will nearly always become the focus of businesses committed to growth and finding more efficient ways to do things.

We know, because we’ve worked with so many Unit4 Financials customers who fit this profile. And they’re often successful businesses precisely because of the fact that they do ask these kinds of difficult question.

We find it’s our door they arrive at because our team’s unparalleled experience working within the CODA and Unit4 Financials ecosystem means we’ve got the answers.

The LEVEL8 Portal is our own web-based platform developed to deliver an easily accessible and intuitive management portal for businesses looking to maximise the functionality of their Unit4 Financials system through software interfaces and add-on solutions.

Tried, tested and trusted by our customers, the LEVEL8 Portal very often sits at the core of the solution that delivers those all-important answers.  We took an in-depth look at how and why this is the case in our exclusive Cloud-2-Cloud Communication guide, available to download here.

And now, following the latest release of the LEVEL8 Portal, this unique solution can offer even more to Unit4 Financials users:

With a refreshed look and feel, the LEVEL8 Portal’s user interface has been made more intuitive, making administration even simpler and keeping critical information accessible to logged in users. 

Stay on top of critical configurations in the new Setup Master Menu
Manage your data and interfaces from the redesigned and more user-friendly mapping screen.
Create, customise and run system reports from the redesigned and highly intuitive reporting section.
The Web service Upload area allows administrators to take manual control over running interface transactions or retrying failed processes.

In addition, there’s also new features and screens available linked to the existing email authorisation functionality in the Portal that allows administrators to browse everything currently in process as well as a full historical record.

All this means more power to users who no longer have to rely on their database administrator and back end access in order to achieve and implement interfaces and automations.

So, if you’re looking for a robust and straightforward way to unlock new levels of functionality and the full power of Unit4 Financials and you’re integrated systems, get in touch with us today to discuss what your business can achieve with the LEVEL8 Portal.