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Nick Maiden
Director of Operations & Systems Education

Anyone with even a passing interest in the business software market over the last couple of decades will be pretty familiar with the Salesforce brand.

During this time Salesforce has steadily grown from offering one of the first (and initially pretty basic) cloud-based CRM systems into the business we know today, delivering the most extensive Cloud platform and ecosystem for business management software solutions.

From the very early days one thing has remained the same, Salesforce-based solutions can be easily accessed and implemented BUT to truly tap into the power of the solutions a process of development, tailoring and user familiarisation is required.

This fact soon resulted in dedicated Salesforce learning platforms, training courses and qualifications being launched to support users, administrators and specialist consultants. 

At LEVEL8 we’ve been partners of FinancialForce – the only native financial management solution built on the Salesforce platform – since 2017.

We’ve consulted on implementations and delivered training on the FinancialForce solution to clients globally. Then, having become an official Salesforce Consulting partner in 2020, we made the strategic decision to strengthen our credentials across the broader Salesforce ecosystem.

This goal was to be achieved with investment in our existing team of business software experts coupled with the addition of new specialist associates.

And we’re now excited to announce that this initial process of upskilling and further qualification has resulted in a positively packed roster of solution experts here at LEVEL8:

  • Nick Maiden – Qualified Professional Services Automation (PSA) Fall 2020 Implementer & FinancialForce Accounting (FFA) Trainer
  • Sampath Kumar – Certified Salesforce developer
  • Irfan Patel – Qualified PSA Fall 2020 Implementer and OPI SME
  • Sharon Watkins – FFA Implementer
  • Holly Williams – Qualified ERP Fall 2020 Implementer
  • Desiree Marshall – Qualified ERP Fall 2020 Implementer

We’re hugely proud of our people for these achievements and for making our in-house Salesforce & FinancialForce expertise clear and demonstrable. It means that now is a better time than ever to utilise our team in helping your business realise the full potential of these market-leading cloud-based business software solutions.

One question we’re posed on a regular basis comes from Salesforce users who are reviewing financial management systems and want to know if FinancialForce is the best solution for them, rather than just the easiest to roll out.

And it’s a fair point, as we know the path of least resistance is not always the best, however we believe FinancialForce has developed into a genuine market-leader in cloud financial management systems, regardless of its relationship to the Salesforce Platform.

Increasingly this means our answer to clients asking the question is simple: Why not check the system out with our help and we’ll see how it fits your requirements?

This is because we’re confident in the functionality of FinancialForce but it’s also an approach that aligns with our commitment to always match our clients with the best fit software solution.

To find out more about how your business can tap into the combined power of both Salesforce and FinancialForce our team of (freshly decorated) experts are always happy to kick things off with an informal chat.

Our exclusive FinancialForce resource library, where you’ll find a wealth of useful information, is also a great place to start.

Together, we’ll master the ‘Force!