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By Nick Maiden
Director of Operations & Systems Education

Recovery. For various reasons it’s the word on the mind of just about every human being on the planet right now.

The COVID-19 crisis has sent shockwaves through public health and the economy, the magnitude of which very few of us will have witnessed before. However, at the time of writing, the public discourse has now begun to move towards how we emerge from the devastation wrought by this new disease.

With lockdowns easing in some of the worst affected countries around the World, how businesses and economies can be restarted safely and in a way that prepares them for the post COVID-19 environment represents a huge challenge.

From the very beginning of this viral outbreak there have been those who have subscribed to the doctrine that new technology, science and medical advances will see us pull through with a far lesser impact than previous pandemics have had on the human race.

Here at Level8 though, experience has taught us that the human element cannot be ignored in any project, and to do so is to court failure. It’s no coincidence that In Business for People is the mission statement of our strategic partners at Unit4, it’s an approach we also buy into completely.

Of course, delivering cutting-edge business software – such as Unit4 Financials, Financial Force and powerful bespoke solutions – is our mission, but we know the technology in itself is nothing without the right human behaviour to leverage it.

This is the case with the recovery of every business negatively impacted by the current crisis. We cannot blindly trust technology to solve the problem, there is a human element to this economic recovery and we all must take individual responsibility for our actions.

What technology can do though, is support us to make changes and work in different, appropriate and more innovative ways. As always, the best technology drives development and growth by enabling people to do more.

This intersection between people and technology is critical in business. As organisations around the globe look to recover in a shell-shocked economy and emerge stronger from the pandemic, these are two critical elements where investment needs to be prioritised.

Now is the time to focus on your business technology and gear up for the economic reboot. The beauty is that this can double as an investment in your people, providing them with the tools required to do their jobs better.

As the preferred UK training provider for Unit4 Financials, we have seen the positive impact this has on the businesses we work with that take advantage of our unmatched experience in the improvement of people & processes through training. You can find out more about these services here…

Whether it is through the implementation of new systems, development of existing ones or simply training your people to use your business software better, your organisation’s recovery and long-term success will be determined significantly by the decisions you make now in relation to your tech platforms.

At times the COVID-19 crisis has seen us living through what can feel like some kind of cinematic dystopian future. All too often films of this genre will see the human race subjugated in some way by technology. In reality though, that’s far from how this story of recovery will play out.

Together (cue dramatic sci-fi movie music!), the humans and the machines will rise again. We’re here to help your business get the most from both.  

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