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We’re recruiting – Chief Sales Associate/Associate Head of Sales

We’re growing and are on the look out for an experienced business software salesperson. The team at LEVEL8 Solutions have been implementing financial software solutions since 1994 and in 2014 we launched the LEVEL8 business. Now we want you to join us for our next stage of growth, helping to drive the business onwards and upwards to the next level (we won’t be changing our name though!).

What you need to know about LEVEL8

Our consultants have the strongest CODA heritage in the market. We are proud to have made life easier for many customers, historically mainly on Unit4 Financials/CODA systems. We have in-depth experience of implementing complex Unit4 Financials projects around the world and we have also effectively developed automated routines and bespoke applications where the functionality did not exist in the standard application.

We are subject matter experts in our field. We build trusted relationships with clients, so we can deliver again and again. We are the consultancy of choice for our customers. We have excellent customer retention. We empower our customers to take control of your business technology thus reducing reliance on us and others at the same time increasing ROI.

We have been successful in identifying and filling software gaps by: process change, smarter configuration or bespoke development. We expect this part of the business to accelerate and we have an adage: don’t deploy until you know it’s ready, we don’t just write code and hope it works.

We are an Honest organization. We need an equally honest sales person, who can open doors, get us in front of the client, give them a real life story (not blue skies and green fields) and set real expectations while still inspiring clients, driving sales and most importantly, building relationships. We believe that if we tell the real story we can better prepare our clients and highlight issues before engagement.

We find that we always make an impression. One customer told us recently “it’s great to talk to someone who is a ‘peer’”. Small word, big impact. The same client elaborated how they “were given comfort not by the questions you asked, but by what you did not ask”.

We don’t need huge accolades, just happy customers.

We are open, have no red tape, want a great work life balance, have enough money to be comfortable and are proud of the fact we have happy customers without the need to burn ourselves out. This is the Level8 mindset.

Up until Jan 2020 we had zero spend on marketing, and we grew year on year, this year we started a more robust, regular and informative marketing campaign. We have plans to extend this with additional resources so that we can grow faster and gain a greater market share, we have a number of software partners and will need someone that can cover the sales process for all (eventually).

Remuneration, package and lifestyle

LEVEL8 has a different way of working. We are ideally looking for someone who has extensive experience and has spare time. Someone who requires a top up role and not a full time engagement, is flexible on both time and rewards.

The typical profile of our associates is working 2 or 3 days maximum a week, sometimes more when required and using the rest of the time to best effect at home or on other work. We’re not 9-5 Monday-Friday. We do expect meeting attendance, whether remote or on-site, will provide all travel expenses along with a personal agreed remuneration package that suits you and fits our budget.

We are a small company with big ambitions and we expect to offer rewards and incentives based on results. We’re not unreasonable and you can expect the same with regards this role and the rewards on offer.

Expectation of LEVEL8

We want a regular client turnaround, face to face meetings with clients a solid sales strategy and if required management of the sales side of the organization, increased market share and enhanced reputation in the market and with our partners. Please review the contents of our website including the testimonials page before applying as we expect more testimonials at the same level over the next 2 to 5 years.

If you like what you have read, would like to have a chat and are willing to provide references then please apply with a CV and covering letter using the form on our Careers page or send an email to If you, or someone you know, knows the directors at LEVEL8 then that will help. If you’ve worked with us before even better!