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Aedon.Accounting and LEVEL8

LEVEL8 are proud implementation partners of Aedon.Accounting. We’re here to help you discover this revolutionary financial management solution and the benefits it offers your business.

Aedon provides advanced functionalities far beyond competitor applications and utilises the power of Salesforce to deliver maximum efficiency, integration and ease-of-use. 

Below you’ll find useful information on the Aedon solution, what it offers, the businesses it has been designed for and the system features that make it so powerful. There’s also the opportunity to take an interactive tour of the software.

And don’t forget, you can always contact the LEVEL8 team for a friendly chat about Aedon and how we can help. 


Aedon Gamechanger

An accounting solution that changes the game

Aedon with Salesforce is a game-changer. An intuitive yet powerful financial package based on the simple truth that integrating your finance and CRM systems in the Salesforce environment delivers maximum efficiency:

  • All your data in one place.
  • No complex bespoke integrations.
  • Simple and clear dashboard reporting (bin those complicated spreadsheets!).
  • Let Salesforce flows automate mundane tasks.

Implementation is quick – delivered within one VAT quarter – and minimal training is required. There are three versions: Free Forever, Economy and Business Class. And it is all backed up with a 12-month software moneyback guarantee.


Who is Aedon for?

If the Venn diagram to the right – covering the big four initial scoping questions we’ll kick things off with – rings a bell for you and your business, then the likelihood is that you’ve found a perfect fit in Aedon.Accounting. 

We know every business is different and there’s plenty more to cover with our consultants from here, but this is a clear indicator that Aedon will work for you. 

And what if this doesn’t apply to you?

Well, honestly, that depends. We won’t ever try to shoehorn the Aedon solution in where there isn’t a use case and clear value for a business. But not fitting the criteria in the diagram doesn’t rule that out completely. 

As Aedon is built on the Salesforce platform, it is hugely flexible and allows many integration and automation opportunities. If the package doesn’t do exactly what you need out of the box (and let’s face it, most systems won’t), our consultants’ expertise combined with the Salesforce AppExchange mean the customisations and integrated products required to build your perfect solution are always within reach.

Aedon accounting venn diagram

Features Rundown and Comparison

The table below provides and overview of key features delivered by Aedon.Accounting and places these alongside those delivered by Xero, a common competitor solution that we regularly migrate businesses from. This helps highlight the breadth and depth of functionality delivered by Aedon.Accounting – working on the Salesforce platform transforms Aedon from a competent accounting system into a solution that delivers enterprise finance capability, without the enterprise price tag:

Aedon Features Comparison

Aedon.Accounting Guided Tours

Explore Aedon and how this innovative solution could benefit your business with an interactive step-by-step guide through the software and its key features. There is the option for either a Quick Spin or a Grand Tour of Aedon, so no matter your area of interest or the time you’ve got available, there’s a tour for you. Get ready to discover the power of Aedon.


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