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Exact Synergy

Exact Synergy Enterprise is a hugely powerful business management platform capable of supporting functions and processes across the modern enterprise.

Synergy Enterprise is the technology platform that Exact CRM, BPM, HRM and Service Management are built on and represents the cutting-edge in modular front-office management software. In addition, when integrated with Exact Globe (or any other ERP/financial management software – a process LEVEL8 can assist with), Exact Synergy can become a core component of a seamless organisation-wide management system. 

Exact Synergy Enterprise is accessible to new customers via one of the complete solutions (eg. CRM, HRM etc.), while existing customers can extend their Synergy license with additional modules, users and add-on solutions.

Exact Synergy delivers:

> Process management and automation, signalling and alerts

> Templates for HR, sales, field service management and other business processes.

> Fully integrated document management and archiving

> Full integration with Exact for Finance and ERP

> Project management and administration

> Online accessible, GDPR compliant and fully international business software


Win and retain customers through better relationship management. Your business can achieve improved customer satisfaction and greater profitability by simplifying contact management, generating quality leads and capitalising better on sales opportunities.


Introduce and benefit from better personnel administration with an HRM system that can provide insight in to your workforce. Manage your employees, create satisfaction and improve communication through portals and self-service functionality. 

Project Management

Providing essential functionality for professional service providers who need to stay in control of their organisation. Manage pipeline, committed work and resource deployment quickly and easily to ensure that projects stay profitable and on track.

Social Collaboration

Collaboration between your people is key to maximising efficiency and project success. Synergy is a technology that can support knowledge-sharing and cooperation through social feeds, all within the ‘safe space’ of your business management system.

Synergy Dismantles Your Business Silos

Over time many businesses will see operational silos develop within their people and their data. This may be a direct result of a silo mentality but can often just occur through business as usual activity and systems that simply don’t promote organisation-wide coverage.

Departments lack coordination and coherence, systems are disparate, there’s little or no collaboration and as a result there is miscommunication across the organisation.

With Exact Synergy Enterprise you’re able to support true collaboration between all departments within your business. By connecting employees and ensuring that work can be carried out efficiently, everyone is kept up to date on developments concerning customers. This results in transparency, shorter lines of communication, faster reaction times, increased flexibility and genuine teamwork. 

It’s time to bust those silos with the power of Exact Synergy.

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Gaining & Retaining Customers with Exact CRM

A modern business must process all customer (both existing and prospective) information and interaction digitally, at a single centralised location. CRM represents an essential tool in the effective conversion of sales opportunities into enduring customer relationships.

It is this process that creates one single view of your customer base, business development and individual contacts. With activity, communication and agreements recorded and visible your people are empowered to work together in order to achieve customer satisfaction and business goals. Collaboration is further supported by using the Exact CRM app keeping the business data your people need at their fingertips wherever they are.

> Effectively convert sales opportunities into deals/ turnover

Automatically receive notifications of important developments with customers.

> Create increased accessibility to relevant sales information thanks to the use of workspaces and timelines.

> Enjoy 24/7 online access to your business information via employee, customer and partner portals.

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