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Exact Globe Next

Exact Globe Next (previously just known as Globe) is Exact’s core financial management and ERP software solution. This advanced business management platform supports and integrates the financial and administrative infrastructure of your business.

Exact Globe Next allows all transactions – financial, logistics, HRM, sales management, projects and production – to be contained in a single, central data source. An architecture that gives users a single, traceable financial and administrative reality at all times while also generating dramatic new reporting possibilities.

The solution delivers a suite of analytical tools including real-time dashboards, powerful pivot tables and out-of the box Microsoft Excel integration. This analytic functionality enables the approach of financial and logistic information from various angles, giving you instant and accurate reporting that puts you in control and supports critical decision-making.

Exact Globe Next supports an extensive variety of languages, currencies and legislations to fit the requirements of most international businesses.

Financial Management

Best-in-class financial administration integrated to your operational processes.

Project Accounting

Integrate projects, project budgets and time recording in your financial administration with e-project.


Specialist modules integrate your wholesale processes for distribution and stock management.


Modules include e-manufacturing, e-calculation, e-quality management and e-MRP.

Financial Management & Administration 

Financial and administrative systems can be a jungle of outdated and therefore unreliable numbers, with no single financial ‘truth’. Without that truth you can’t get a clear financial overview. Analysis and reporting become difficult, repetitive and time-consuming as you struggle to get an accurate real-time view of your historical and future cash flow situation.

With Exact Globe Next you’ll get a clear view of what’s happening. You’ll have the precise status of your financials, every time you ask. The latest sales orders, for instance, will be directly visible. There’s a single, unified source of data, with no need for re-entry. Dynamic pivots give you the ability to track transaction histories, from the initial order through to delivery and payment.

And, as business becomes ever more international, Exact Globe Next helps you with issues of compliance and control requirements in a large number of countries around the world.  


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> All your company’s financials and administration integrated in a central transaction table.

> Enriched information via links with people, resources, products and processes.

> Up-to-date insight into cash positions and company value.

> Functions for forecasting, budgeting, analysis and reporting.

> Secure dashboard for authorization, traceability and reporting.

> Supports a variety of languages, banks, currencies and legislations.

Connecting your finances, processes and people

Plan & Produce 

Purchase & Store 

Sell & Service


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