Do you have manual processes where there must be a better way, gaps in functionality or has your business changed over the years?
Are you looking for independent advice on improving your processes and financial solution?

LEVEL8 Solutions can help

Our consultants have been implementing financial software since 1994.


The team at Level 8 Solutions have implemented financial software solutions since 1994. We have been successful in identifying and filling software gaps by: process change, smarter configuration or bespoke development. Our consultants have made life easier for many customers, mainly on CODA-Financials applications (Now Unit4 Financials).

We have in-depth experience of implementing complex CODA projects around the world. We have effectively developed automated routines and bespoke applications where the functionality did not exist in the CODA application. We are subject matter experts in our field and can lead you on your journey from business case onwards. We don’t stop at post go live, we build trusted relationships with clients, so we can deliver again and again. We are the consultancy of choice for our customers. We have excellent customer retention. We empower you to take control thus reducing reliance on us and others.

We are LEVEL8 and if you have been a CODA customer you probably already know the team as most of us are ex-CODA employees, We learned how to implement CODA properly whilst we worked for CODA, then added to our knowledge under Baan, Science Systems, Agresso and Unit4. We are already looking ahead and developing sustainable solutions and customer relationships that last.

We are proud to be partnering with Unit4, Financial Force, Proactis and Intelligent Capture. We have strong relationships with all of our partners BUT remain independent and we remain focussed on our clients, delivering what is best for them.